We provide execution to turn key projects. Our services include:

  1. Turn-Key Construction
  2. Earth work, Grading, Subgrade, Subbase, Asphalt binder and wearing
  3. Bridge-Elevated, General
  4. Bridge-Elevated, River
  5. Culverts-Reinforced Concrete and Pipeline
  6. Storm Sewer and Drainage
  7. Concrete Pavement, Kerb and Gutter
  8. Retaining Walls-Cast in Place
  9. Sheet Pile
  10. Cofferdam Construction
  11. Dewatering
  12. Steel and Concrete Beam Erection
  13. Slipformed Concrete Parapets
  14. Erosion protection
  15. Structure Demolition
  16. Drilled Shaft Construction

  1. Dock Rehabilitation
  2. Crack Repair and Injection
  3. Emergency Repairs
  4. Steel H-piling
  5. Bridge Foundations
  6. Building Foundations
  7. Retaining Wall Systems
  8. Dock Support


  1. Bridge Foundations
  2. Building Foundations


Job opportunites

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STEMCO is one of the largest employers in Nigeria. Our workforce is our greatest asset and our achievement is a direct result of their passion, skills and devotion.

We aim to attract and maintain the most excellent hands and minds, and are always in search of capable staff.

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